Dispenser & Refill

Display Dispensers & Jerry Can Refill Toiletries :-


If you are tired of providing and managing small samples of toiletries, this is the best option available for you. Our 200 ml dispensers with your logo printed on it can be used for display and use by your guests. After they leave, you can very easily refill them from the 1 litre jerry cans and provide it again for use of your new guest. No hazzles of disposing unused small sized toiletries. Also when you provide small sized toiletries, guests often take it away considering it as complimentary. But with 200 ml dispenser bottles, no one takes it away because of its bigger size.


Products Offered: Shampoo & Hand Wash


200 ml – Shampoo / Hand Wash in Dispenser Bottle

Rate: Rs. 210 per piece

Minimum order quantity: 4 No:s (1 box) or multiples of it



1 litre  – Shampoo /  Hand Wash in Jerry Can

Rate: Rs. 425 per piece

Minimum order quantity:  1 No:s (1 box) or multiples of it


General Terms :-

Colour, fragrance and texture (transparent /opaque) of the materials provided will be based on the stock in production / available with us at the time of providing the order

GST of 18 % applicable on all above mentioned prices

Courier and Handling charges will be extra

Delivery through DTDC courier

Dispatch time – 7 days on receipt of order

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